Tenaha ISD Safety & Security Updates

At Tenaha ISD, we are so proud of our district. We take pride in our student successes in academics, athletics, band, post high school endeavors and more. However, our priority is the safety and security each and every day of both our students and employees. Throughout the years, our building plan has been restructured to take safety measures into account, and it will continue to do so as modifications are being made to buildings in the future. The following measures will be implemented daily to ensure the highest level of safety and security for all students and employees:

1) The Tenaha ISD School Board has approved the implementation of a Guardian Program within the district. All required training and procedures that accompany this program will be included. The Guardian Program is aimed at one goal: Stopping an active shooter with deadly force. The program is delivered through DPS and requires intense, extensive training, but heavily involves the district in decision making. Training consists of psychological examinations, frequent handgun practice as well as replicated threat scenarios. DPS and training agencies will assist in the selection of “guardians”, training and continuing education services. FALL 2022

2) The School Board has also approved two armed security personnel (Officer Jeter and an additional Police Officer hired for this area part-time) on guard during all lunches at each end of the cafeteria/commons area.  FALL 2022

3) Parents/Visitors are not allowed at lunch for any reason, unless they are checking a student out of school. Check out should be done through the lobby of each campus. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

4) All immediate family members who come on campus are subject to the same security screening as all guests coming onto campus. Immediate family members must be escorted from the office by a district employee to their destination. Absolutely NO GUESTS will be permitted into the cafeteria area while students are present for lunch. IMMEDIATELY

5) In the event the School Police officer will be out, TISD will fund a replacement for his position. IMMEDIATELY

6) The  use of metal detectors, wands and increased security presence could be implemented at special events that include the general public in the future(pep-rallies, Holiday Hoops, sporting events and concerts, etc.); however, the immediate concern is securing the district during the school day at this time. 

7) All perimeter area/black gates will be locked with a combination lock each morning at 7:30am and will not be re-opened until 3:30pm. Parents with children in the daycare, if access is needed, MUST contact Amy Collins. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

8) In the event of an emergency that requires the evacuation of the district on a mass scale, personnel nearest these perimeter area gates will have access to the combinations in order to make these exits available quickly so that evacuation plans may be followed. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

9)Teachers will not be allowed to share keys that are issued to them. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

10) All outside doors will be locked and monitored throughout the day, and no doors may be propped open for any reason. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

11) Students are not allowed to open outside doors to let people in. There will be disciplinary consequences if this occurs. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

12.) Teachers are the only ones authorized to open classroom doors if anyone knocks. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

13.) All entry during the school day will be through front door access points at the High School and Elementary School and Bus Rider entrance ONLY. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

14.) All classroom doors will remain locked at all times and daily announcements will be made reminding staff to lock doors. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

15) The High School teacher’s lounge/workroom area should remain locked at all times; teachers should use their keys to gain access when needed. BEGINNING AUGUST 29, 2022

16) All parent conferences with office personnel and/or teachers must take place between 8am - 10am or 2pm-3pm. Visitors must be notified when scheduling the conference that they will be required to submit to a voluntary security screening conducted by Officer Jeter before being allowed entrance into the offices. Failure to comply will result in denial of entry. Officer Jeter will be available during these office hours for screening purposes. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

17) Athletic Department protocols will ensure student athlete entrances and exits are supervised between athletic practices and activities. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

18.) Campus security drills will be conducted on both unannounced and announced occasions. Reunification plans will be clearly planned for various scenarios. Following best security practices, reunification sites will be communicated only if an incident occurs. FALL 2022 - IN-SERVICE, SEPT. 23

19.) TISD will conduct quarterly campaigns with parents/guardians to update email, phone numbers and emergency information. FALL 2022

20.) No blankets will be allowed on campus and caps, hats, hoods or head coverings are not permitted inside the buildings. CURRENTLY ENFORCED

Thank you for your attention to these protocols and extensive measures. The safety, security and success of your child is our number one priority. Thank you for entrusting us with this honor.