Cell Phone & Dress Code Policy Updates

Attention TigerNation! We are just a few short days away from beginning our new school year! Your administrators, faculty and staff have worked and prepared all summer to offer you the best experience possible. As you and your families prepare to join us next week, there are a few updates to our cell phone, dress code and discipline policy that we would like you to be aware of:

 Cell Phone Policy: 

Please understand that we are not opposed to students having cell phones on campus. However, our job is to educate and care for our students with minimal distractions. When a student brings a cell phone or any other personal belonging on campus that isn't required for educational purposes, that becomes the responsibility of the student and their family. 


*Students in grades 6-12 will be required to put all phones (silenced) in pocket charts located near the front of the classroom during class. If the student does not follow policy or comply, the phone will be taken to the office with a discipline referral where it can be picked up at the end of the day for $15. The STUDENT may pay the $15 for the first infraction, but any additional infraction would require contact of the parent/guardian to pick up the device and pay the infraction fee of $15. Students may have their phones during passing periods and at lunch. 

*ALL elementary students (PK-5) must place cell phones into the locked box in their 1st period teacher's room. If the student does not comply, the teacher will turn the cell phone into the office and the parent/guardian must pick it up at the end of the day after paying a fee of $15. 

Dress Code Policy Updates: 

The Student Dress Code policy is consistent with the policy from 2021-2022 with the following revision to Hair and Head Coverings: 

***CAPS, HATS, HOODS, or HEAD COVERINGS are NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE BUILDINGS. * Hair shall be groomed to stay out of the student's eyes. 

* Symbols, words, or slogans cut into the hair are not permitted. 

* Any hairstyle deemed by the campus administration as being distracting is not permitted. 

*Dress Code violations will be handled by our staff and administrators stationed at the entrance points each morning. If a student is in violation, they will be sent to the office immediately to change. Phone calls home will be made when needed. 

Thank you for your attention to these new policies; we strive to make the experience at Tenaha ISD positive, impactful, safe and FUN!