Become A Tiger with photo of school and students smiling


Tenaha ISD strives to "Set the Standard" in all areas of education. We put STUDENTS FIRST! The well-being, safety, support, and success for our students is our priority.

What sets Tenaha ISD apart from other school districts? The list is we'll spend some time over the next few weeks sharing!

Career and Technology requirements continue to grow year after year. Students in our area are looking to join the workforce immediately upon graduation or enter a trades program. At Tenaha ISD, our Career & Technology Department offers multiple endorsements and industry level certifications that will allow these students to enter the workforce immediately; not to mention we are the only institution in the North Texas area to offer many of these new, innovative programs of study! Students can choose endorsements in the following areas:

🎥 Audio/Video Production

🖥 Graphic Design/Commercial Photography

⚫️ Dual Credit Welding Certification in partnership with Panola College

🐄 Agricultural Sciences

👩‍🏫 Education & Training


🎉And new this school year, TISD is EXCITED to introduce the following programs of study: 🎉

🏥 Health Sciences

✈️ Remote Drone Pilot Certification (FAA Part 107 Certification)

🐂🦌Beginning Phases of Meat Processing/Butcher Program

Tenaha ISD is proudly accepting quality transfers beginning August 2, 2022. Contact Tenaha ISD for more information and registration information.