Tigers on wall wrap

TENAHA, TX - Runt Ramsey Field House Renovation

Waterboy Graphics recently upgraded Runt Ramsey Field House at Tiger Stadium. The new design features wall and door wraps sporting the Tiger logo, inspirational and motivational wording, as well as State Championship information from years past. 

The upgrade comes along with a host of others, approved this Spring by the Tenaha Board of Trustees. 

For those who knew and loved "Runt", this renovation has his spirit and passion for Tenaha written all over it. Runt Ramsey was a loyal Tenaha Tiger through and through who spend many years caring for our student athletes with his skill, humor and a lot of love. Runt had the most entertaining stories, some that would even leave you scratching your head wondering if they were true long after he was gone! His Tiger Family was his life and he lived that life with great pride and dedication. Runt passed away in November of 2021.