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Pride Passsion Performance

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving at Tenaha Elementary

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 11/18/2016

    At Tenaha Elementary, we celebrate Thankgiving in many ways. For example, at 3rd grade Feast, the student learn about manners as they enjoy a wonderful meal 

    3rd Grade Feast

    and in the First Grade we have Pilgrams and Indians.

    1sr Grade Thanksgiving

    below is a link to a gallery that shows how each class celebrates Thanksgiving and Tenaha. Enjoy over 30 images


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  • 2016 Homecoming Parade Winners

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 11/2/2016

    1st Place

    1st Place Winner - 3rd Grade


    2nd Place - Pre-K 3

    2nd Place Winner - Pre-K 3


    3rd Place - 1st Grade

    3rd Place Winner - 1st Grade

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  • Red Ribbon Week

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 10/31/2016

    Sock Day

    The students of Tenaha celebrated being drug-free during Red Ribbon week.

    Red Ribbon Week Gallery

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From the Superintendent's Desk

  • Tenaha 8th Graders Improve Math Skills

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 11/16/2016

    The 8th Grade math classes At Tenaha ISD are having a monthly Khan Academy contest. After taking the first six weeks to get some 8th grade concepts mastered and learn the workings of the Khan Academy site, the 8th Graders just completed their first contest month.

    Khan Academy is a free, online learning site that is donation and supporter funded. Students who have an account can practice math concepts at any grade from Kindergarten (Early Math) through 8th by grade level and High School and College level math by course (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.). Students can even search for specific math concepts to practice.

    Additionally, Khan Academy is diagnostically driven. If a student is having difficulty with a topic, more of that type problem is provided. If a student is successfully answering problems, the program challenges them with higher level problems. When students reach concepts that they are unfamiliar with, hints are provided (with step by step explanations) and most questions have detailed video lessons available at the click of their mouse. Tablets are available for student use every morning and Monday-Thursday after school. Additionally, students have access during Tiger Tutorials each school day. Khan Academy can also be accessed from any computer or smart phone off campus! There’s even a Khan Academy app available.

    Andrew Tyner

    Pictured above is Andrew Tyner, this month’s winner of the Khan Academy math competition.

    To encourage our 8th graders to practice on their own students are able to build points towards the monthly contest as they work on their mathematics mastery. The highest point winner each month wins a $10.00 WalMart gift card. The point totals are filtered for each month, so previously earned points are not included in the winning tabulation. This month’s winner was Andrew Tyner. Congratulations Andrew!!!

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  • Tenaha Robotics

    Posted by Raymond Jackson at 11/11/2016


    Yesterday at the ESC 7 Service Center in Kilgore, the Tenaha Robotics Championship novel wrote another chapter.  In a competition that featured 55 teams from all six state classifications, Tenaha’s team of Miguel Mendoza, Ruben Hernandez, and Britain Tyler brought home the championship trophy.  Tenaha’s other high school team comprised of Calecia Roland, Bianca Davison, and Jaden Washington also did very well by placing 15th out of the 55 competing squads.

    This contest was conducted in a little different fashion than traditional ones.  In previous contests, teams are given the board layout and points structure several weeks in advance.  The teams are able to build, program, and adjust their robot leading up to and during the competition.  Yesterday, however, teams arrived at the service center and were given just two and a half hours to construct and program their robot on the spot, then run them.  What an amazing complement to these Tiger students in being able to think critically and execute a plan to bring home two great finishes including 1st place.

    A special thank you is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Page for their work and sponsorship of the Tiger Champions.   The TISD Junior High teams will be in Kilgore on Monday for their contest.  

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