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School is Getting Ready to Open....

To all in the Tenaha Tiger Family,


As the summer continues to pass by, I know many in our community and school family are wondering about the opening of school on August 17.  I hope this communication is helpful.  Here’s where we are today…. But understand, the situation with Covid-19 is literally changing minute by minute and everything can change in the coming days and weeks.

  • As of today, the plan is to open “in house school” on August 17 on a normal calendar.  The Texas Education Agency has announced their intent to allow local districts open with normal school, but several preventative measures will be in place to follow CDC guidelines as much as possible. 
  • Parents in Texas will be given the option to send their children to campus for school or opt to keep their children at home in a remote learning environment. The Administration team is going to diligently work with staff over the next month to develop an “asynchronous plan” for remote learning.  What that means is an instructional plan where students are required to show instructional progress each day with their teachers through remote assessment and instruction.  In essence, coursework and communication will take place in various forms online daily.
  • The Administration team is also already working on adjustments to the cleaning schedules and the lunch schedules to create not only effective cleaning schedules, but daily disinfecting of every square inch of the district so when students come onto campus each morning, the district should be completely disinfected.
  • Among measures being put in place are
    1. Class period by class period “wipe downs” of furniture.
    2. Evaluation of adjustments to the elementary schedule to limit shared contact
    3. Alternative food delivery and distancing measures in the cafeteria.   
    4. Several other day to day operational considerations to limit exposure as much as possible.
  • Fall sports and marching band are currently still on schedule to start take place in a normal setting. That can change at any time.  One local concern is there is no such thing as “remote Practice” for athletics or band.  So in the coming days as the Instructional plan is written to correlate with the student handbook, decisions will have to be made about the allowance of remote learners to participate in extra-curricular activities without physically attending practices.  It is not a question of UIL eligibility as much as it is maintaining the integrity of team concepts and participation without presence. 

This communication is clearly short on details.  We are working on those on a minute by minute basis.  Keep in mind, that everything is fluid and can change at any moment.  We are preparing on the basis of the instructions we have at hand in the moment.  When things change, we will be sure to inform the public. 

We know this is such an unsure time.  There are arguments to be made for opening school and against it.  It is our belief that the decision to send your children to school is the absolute best way to ensure learning.  But, we are not at all blind to the fact that concerns over the health crisis this virus has created are the priority for parents as well.  We are here to do the best we can to do what we have to for your children to learn.  Stay diligent at home with preventative measures and enjoy the rest of your summer.  And, stay tuned to news from us or the Texas Education Agency about changes to the current plan moving forward.