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Win Every Day

Recently, a reporter asked New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Bellicheck "Which of your Super Bowl rings are you most proud of?".  His reply?  "The next one."

2018-19 was yet another outstanding year of accomplishment for TISD.  It is safe to say that every program managed to "max out" and reach their goals, and in many cases we exceeded expectations.  Academically, test scores and college and career readiness data improved drastically.  Our Band had an unprecedented year with record numbers of students receiving honors in a Sweepstakes year.  And athletically, the Tigers and Lady Tigers once again set the standard by advancing to the Regional rounds in football and girls basketball.  

2019-20 promises to be even better.  The "Win Every Day" motto is rooted in a mindset that demands that yesterday's accomplishments serve only to set new standards for today.  Which accomplishment are we most proud of? ........................ The next one!

As we get ready to begin the new school year, I have made it a personal mission to attach a little "old school" to our "new school" ideas.  As a person that takes pride in trying to be innovative, I have asked our administration team to try something new by focusing on something old.  What is it?  Just a little bit of personal human development.  A little less phone time and more people time for our students.  It's going to be okay to have a little more noise because kids are actually talking to one another instead of texting all the time.  Cell phones aren't going away, but as educators, we bear the responsibility of teaching the appropriate time and place.  

Also, I have asked that our students return to the exact dress code expectations we had just two years ago.  The school environment of the time we live in is certainly less formal than it once was, but one of the most important lessons we can teach kids as they prepare for "real world experiences" is the skill of self-discipline when it comes to following rules.  Sometimes in the world, the rules don't require understanding of purpose, they just require being followed.  It's a skill that our society has seemingly lost touch with. 

The sky is truly the limit for our kids here at Tenaha ISD.  We have an amazing staff that is excited and ready to begin a new year.  We can't wait to get it going and start..... Winning Every Day!