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Tenaha ISD Covid-19 Status Notification

Tenaha ISD Covid-19 Status Notification


Dear parents and staff, 


At this time, Tenaha ISD has confirmation four positive tests for Covid-19 among students and staff since school released due to Hurricane Laura. Three of the four positive tests have not been on campus within 7 days of the test result, and the fourth case was last on campus on Tuesday, September 1.  


Tenaha ISD’s Mitigation Plan provides for extensive cleaning and sanitization protocols, as well as social distancing procedures, including the wearing of face masks. As such, CDC guidance provides that the risk of someone contracting COVID-19 from the student is low and this notice is being provided in an abundance of caution. Nevertheless, below is a summary of the involvement of the confirmed positive case on campus within the seven day threshold in order for you to assess your family’s potential for exposure. Moreover, if you or your child was determined to have been in close contact with the individual, you will be contacted by the Health Department. 


Elementary Wing

Tiger Gym/PE



Please continue to closely monitor your health. Should you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, identified below that are not normal for you, please contact your health provider immediately. In addition, please continue all other safeguards outlined by the CDC including frequently washing your hands with soap and water, avoiding touching your face, wearing a mask in public, staying home if you feel sick, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects daily. 


COVID-19 Symptoms


Sore throat

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Loss of taste or smell

Chills / Shaking or exaggerated shivering


Significant muscle pain or ache

Feeling feverish


Fever of 100.0 degrees or higher


Tenaha ISD will continue to comply with all state and local guidance and strictly enforce the District’s rigorous health screening, social distancing, and sanitization practices for all programs. The health and safety of our students and community remains our top priority, and the District will continue to work closely with the Local Health Department as it responds to individual cases of COVID-19. We appreciate your cooperation as we work through these challenges and continue to support our Tenaha ISD community.