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Tiger Day Details

Something a Little Different in the 2019-20 Calendar:
What is a Tiger Day?

Just a few years ago, the Texas Education Agency changed the standards in which they measured how long students were required to be in school during a school year. In the past, students were required to attend a certain number of days regardless of how long each day lasted. Now, the standard is very different. In the current system, students in the state of Texas are required to attend school for 75,600 minutes in order to meet the minimum standard for a school year.

Here at Tenaha ISD we have worked very hard to tailor our calendar year in and year out to the needs of our students. So in the spirit of providing our students with the best possible calendar to meet their needs, we have instituted what we are calling “Tiger Days” periodically throughout the calendar. These Tiger Days occur about every other week, mostly on a Wednesday. What is their purpose?


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