• Tenaha ISD to Return to Normal School Operations

    To All TISD Stakeholders,

    We are happy to announce a return to normal school operations on Monday, October 19 for all students grades PK-3 through 12th grade.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding this past week or so as we, like everyone in the world, has faced the uncertainty and concern that a global pandemic brings.  To update everyone on our current status, we did in fact have a short outbreak of Covid-19 in our district.  Luckily, only about 3% of our entire student body was affected by confirmed positive cases.  However, 14% of our teaching and support staff were tested and found to be positive in a very short and quickly developing window of time.  With those numbers, a very large number of additional students and staff were forced into quarantine because of this sudden outbreak.  Fortunately, it appears that most all of these positive cases are either released by physicians back to work or well on their way to an end of symptoms.  And, even more fortunately, none of the confirmed cases resulted in hospitalization with almost all cases reporting symptoms that resembled a cold.  As our decision to go into remote learning was made, please remember that it is not, nor has it ever been our goal to prevent Covid-19 infections.  Those seem to be inevitable.  Our goal from day one has been to have measures in place to mitigate an outbreak.  It looks as though our call to spend this school week remotely has succeeded in stopping the spread that began two weeks ago, or at the very worst greatly slow it down. 

    We would like to just simply remind everyone to return to the basics of mitigation.  Frequent hand washing, maintaining social distance, avoiding large groups or clusters of “community gatherings”, and just a general respect to personal hygiene and the space afforded to others. 

    Also, don’t forget that next week is Homecoming week as the Tigers prepare to take on the Cushing Bearkats in a District 11-2A matchup.  While we are disappointed to lose our opportunity to gather with some of our great Homecoming traditions due to Covid-19, we are excited to be able to continue to participate and showcase our great band, football, and cheer students. 

    See everyone on Monday and thank you to all our Tigers who were able to take care of their business this week!!!!


    Mr. Tyner