• Tenaha ISD- Covid 19 Update- May 5, 2020


    There is still so much uncertainty for all of us here in Shelby County as it relates to Covid-19. We all are more than ready to return to a sense of normal life. In fact, this experience has taken a huge toll on families through the economic impact, the social impact, and in some cases the potential health impact and even death related to this unprecedented virus.
    In terms of an official update, there's not much information to share from the standpoint of the school district. However, we hope to have information next week on how we plan to conduct our graduation ceremony. So... stay tuned for that. Also, Ms. Jacobs is readying to deliver our last academic packet for our students to complete for this school year. Students, do your best. Take some time to work on your school work and keep your skills sharp.
    We are still closed obviously. Shelby and Panola County are the state's hardest hit counties by per capita population. We hope and wish we could move into a place to know we were prepping for the fall. We just are not to a point of safety to do that.
    This experience has changed so much. I hope it creates a sense of priority for all in the Tiger Nation. It has made me certainly re-evaluate what the true priorities for our school and students are. Through all of this, it is my hope to get our students and teachers back and in position to make true positive impacts on lives. Not just inside a classroom or on a field, but truly impact the world view of kids. Be bigger. Be less "effected" by nonsense in the world. Goodness knows our world has enough of it. Care more about how your every day effort matters to your own growth and the growth of those around you. Be the best Tiger you can be which means we don't define a child by a test score or a Friday Night performance.
    That's what I hope we can create as a focus when life returns to normal. Right now though, we have to just hang on. There are no promises of what tomorrow will look like. What the summer and fall will look like is beyond uncertain. There's a chance that within the next month or so, everything gets back close to normal and we get ready for Tiger football and the Roarin Band from Tigerland. But, its possible we have to stay diligent and survive this historic time in our homes. I would advise everyone in the TISD family to be prepared for all possibilities. The news we receive from the Texas Education Agency is that "they don't know".
    So... keep things day to day. Max out your days. Get all you can from them. When things return to normal....... we will be ready.
    Keep the faith
    Good luck and God Bless