• March 27, 2020


    Tiger Family,

    I hope this communication finds everyone safe, healthy, and well….. We are certainly experiencing unprecedented times for our community, our state, and our nation.  This has certainly been a very difficult time for all of us.

     Here at school, our staff under Mrs. Jacobs’ direction has been hard at work this week to prepare opportunities for all students to continue their learning at home.  Those assignments will be made available starting on Tuesday, March 31 either by delivery on our buses or by pick up in the TISD Bus Run. 

    Also, Mrs. Duncan and the cafeteria staff have been hard at work planning and preparing to continue food service beginning on Monday, March 30.  Like the distance learning activities, the meal service can be acquired by delivery or in the TISD Bus Run. 

    Please stay tuned to the TISD Facebook page, Shelby County Today, and all other mediums for information for those details.  We will continue to try and keep as much information flowing as possible.

    Please take note that at least until April 3, that Governor Abbott has issued a state wide closure of all Texas schools.  That means that district facilities are off-limits to anyone.  No gym, no stadium or practice field, no weight room.  Please… Please stay home during this epidemic.

    In terms of trying to predict what is next, I can only offer this advice:

                We are taking everything day by day.  The most important priority for everyone during this pandemic is their health and the health of their families.  Yes, many great events are going to be cancelled.  Yes, we miss every single student and every single activity we are losing.  But, the only way to stop the spread of this virulent disease is to stop moving.  Stay home.  Don’t mix in crowds.  Keep everything as sanitary as possible.  I am asking our staff to only come onto campus for the purposes of making copies when needed.  I am asking they stay home as much as they can.  We all have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to do our part to end this spread of infection. 


    Stay tuned for more news day to day.  The faster we all do our part to end the spread of Covid-19, the quicker we can return things back to normal.