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Ali Tyner

My name is Ali Tyner.  I am extremely excited to begin the new school year. My family and I love the Tiger family and community.  My son Andrew, class of 2021, is excited to perform in the Tiger Band from Tiger Land.  He is a percussionist and won a silver medal his freshman and sophomore years in the State and Solo Ensemble state competition.  He is also looking forward to playing basketball this year for the Tigers.  Alex, class of 2023, is also a percussionist in the band and was selected to the All-Region band last year as an 8th grader.  He also loves sports and is looking forward to playing football, basketball, and baseball.  Aidan, who is in 3rd grade, is truly an entertaining person.  He loves to entertain the crowds at peprallies and basketball games with his dance moves.  He definitly knows how to have a good time.  

I love kids.  I love teaching kids.  I look forward to seeing my students everyday.  

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please fill free to contact me on my school email