• Kindergarten Class Rules


    1.  Follow directions.

    2.  Respect property and others.

    3.  Focus and stay on task.

    4.  Communicate at appropriate times.

    5.  Class preparation.


    Your child will have a conduct chart in their folder.  Children that have to be reminded of the rules will have the rule that needs to be reinforced written on their chart.  Children that follow classroom rules will be rewarded with a smiley face or sticker.  Please intial your child's conduct chart daily to help us reinforce good behavior.


    Occasionally children have difficulty following class and school rules.  At these times I will try to redirect the child's behavior through eye contact or quiet reminders.  If this does not help to improve the child's behavior, one or more of the following consequences will be used:


    1.  Time-out at a table/area in classroom

         This gives the child time to calm down and get ready to rejoin the class activity.

    2.  Loss of privileges.

         This includes playground time, center, special programs, etc.

    3.  Note, phone call home, or conference with parent, teacher and principal.

    4.  Office referral.

         This can be used for behavior that disrupts instruction or threatens others (hitting, kicking, biting, repeated offenses, etc.)