• Ms. Wyatt’s Classroom policies 


    1. Be on time! The bell rings at 7:48.
    2. Make sure you are in your seat before the tardy bell rings at 7:55 with your notebook and pencil ready.
    3. Electronic devices of any kind including smart watches are not allowed, if I see one, I will take it to the office. 
    4. Please respect your classmates and their property.  In other words, keep hands, feet, and negative comments to yourself.
    5. Remember class time is for learning, not playing.  To be successful Math students, we must use our time wisely.   Do your best at all times, and do not prevent others from being successful as well.

    Possible consequences for not following these rules may include:

    Verbal warning, phone call or note home, office referral, and/or lunch detention, or ISS.  Any severe disruption will result in an immediate office referral. 

    **Please remind your child that they are required to take notes and use strategies that are given to them in class.  I will be giving a notebook grade which will be a major grade. All students are required to use problem solving strategies and show their work, students who aren’t following these procedures may lose points from their grade.