• Parents and Pre-k 4,

    Hey guys…hope this note finds you all happy and healthy!  I just wanted to say hello and that I miss you all terribly…I really need some sweet pre-k hugs and lovins!! J I hope you’re all doing ok, and taking this extra time we have off to enjoy each other and have some fun! Maybe everything will return to normal soon so we can get back to our fun and learning!!

    I just wanted to explain a little about the packets.  I’m leaving it up to you as to what you work on every day.  This packet has work for 2 weeks, so pick out 2 or so pages you would like to work on per day…doesn’t matter what you do.  I’ve also included a few pages of websites that are links to book read alouds, and a page that has literacy songs.  There are all sorts of things on YouTube for them…books read aloud, abc songs, rhyming, numbers…well you all know.  I’m sure some of you have educational apps on your computers or phones for them…just keep them busy learning!! J

    Boys and girls…sing your ABCs, the color songs, sing the days of the week, do the Months of the Year Macarena, count as high as you can…use your fingers like we’ve been doing and skip count to 100!! Show somebody what we do at rug every morning!! J


    Be safe, take care, and I hope to see you all SOON!!

    Big hugs,

    Ms. Elliott

    These are links that the kids might enjoy as well!