• Dear Third Grade Parents,

    We have prepared folders with math and reading activities for each one of our students.  Inside each folder, you will find explicit instructions on how to complete the assignments throughout each week.  Once your child has completed the work for both weeks, please place the papers back in the folder ready to be returned to the school on April 15th.  In the event our students are not able to return to school by the 15th, we will issue another folder of work for you to complete with your child.

    Also, we have included a DOJO parent account sign up sheet inside the folders.  This sheet is for those parents who have not created a DOJO account and connected with their child's class.  We are asking that if you have not created an account, please do so if at all possible.  This will be the primary way we contact you about your child's educational needs and any updates and information we need to communicate with you.  We have also included a permission slip to create DOJO student portfolios as a way for your child to access classroom activities.  Please be sure to read over this form, sign, and send back in your child's folder.  So again, it is very important that all of our parents create a DOJO account if you can.

    As for those families who have internet access, we have several computer applications our students can access at home.  Istation and Reflex Math are two programs we incorporate daily into your child's education at school.  For your convenience, we have included the links to those applications below:





    These applications require your child's usernames and passwords to access.  We will be glad to communicate those to you through your DOJO account at your request.  We ask that if your child is able to access these programs at home, they login for at least 45 minutes for reading and 45 minutes for math on Istation to get the most practice needed for success.  Reflex Math will require at least 20 minutes for each login.

    We know everyone is anxious for school to resume and routines to return to normal.  We want you to know you are not alone; we MISS OUR STUDENTS!!  Until then, please be assured we are in this together and anyway we can help, let us know.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us through the DOJO application or visit this site for more information.



    Ms. Matthews and Mrs. Davison