Mrs. Linda Jacobs Worrell Principal PK - 12

  • Graduation Speech 2018

    Although this completes my 18th year as a Principal in Texas Public Schools, this year marks my first year as a Texas High School Principal and what a year it has been!  I can’t say that I truly realized how challenging this role would be, but somehow we have made it through together. 

    I was told in the beginning that “this class” has the potential to do great things! You have proved that statement true!  Despite obstacles, you have made an impact on this school, the student body, the staff and the community.  I could not have asked for a more talented, respectful group of young adults to experience this first year with.

    One of my favorite quotes is this:

    “To whom much is given, much is required.”

    Much has been given to you Class of 2018 and NOW much is required.  What will you do with it?

    Often times, when reference is made to Tenaha we hear terms like poverty, economically disadvantaged, diversity and that list can go on and on.  I stand here with you today because I choose to be here! I am Tenaha!

    I was raised on the south side of Beaumont, Texas,  not the North side.  My Dad was a truck driver and my Mom did not work outside of the home.  My schools and my neighborhoods were both diverse and disadvantaged.  I was the middle of five children.  I am the product of the free lunch program, Head Start and free dental care from the local clinic.  My family has had to live on public assistance, but I stand  here today as a testimony that your life can be anything that you want it to be!  I am the first of five children to graduate from High School and I am the only of five children to attend and graduate from a University as well as earn a masters degree.

    Your circumstances do not define you!  You define You!  Your relationships, your respect for yourself and others, your work ethic, your dreams, goals and aspirations define you!

    I challenge you to Do Much with what has been given to you!

    Thank you!