• Welcome! My name is Coach Jones and I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Social Studies. This is my 6th year teaching Social Studies. I am a native of McGregor, Texas. After graduating high school I attended Trinity Valley Community College and Stephen F. Austin on football scholarships. I have a B.S Liberal Studies and American History from Excelsior College and a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Concordia University of Austin.  After college I spent 22 years in the United States Army before retiring in 2013 with two tours in Iraq, Bosnia, Korea and Germany.  Ive had coaching stops in Mcgregor, Temple and Beckville. I also have one daughter who is attending Texas A/M Central Texas in Killeen Texas.

    I am excited to be teaching Social Studies to our kids this year. We are going to have a great year. This is a STARR TESTED SUBJECT  so kids will be expected to be present and give their best effort. This class will be taught using video, interactive games, hands on assignments and classroom discussions. Kids will also be required at a minimum to have a journal and a pen. In the seconde semester of this course if a kid has been identified to stay after school for additional tutoring I will contact the parent based on previois test scores for the upcoming STARR test. If  you have any questions about this course please contact me and set up a conference.  Go Tigers!!!


    IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                                                                     

    Parents of 7th and 8th grade Social Studies Students

    Included in your History Packets are instructions on what is expected of each student.

    7th Graders: Histrorical Event Cards - kids will complete 4 cards per week. 

    8th Graders: kids will complete 1 STARR review; 1 STARR matching; 1 Bell ringer for each week. 



    Coach Jones




    1st period 8th grade  Social Studies

    2nd period 7th grade Social Studies

    3rd period 8th grade Social Studies 

    4th period 7th grade Social Studies

    5th JH Athletics

    6th Conference

    7th Typing

    8th HS Athletics