• Welcome to Principles of IT

    Raymond Jackson -  jacksonray@tenahaisd.com

    Conference:  1st Period

    Course Objectives: This course explores computer basics, internet basics and several different software applications including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. We will also briefly introduce Photoshop,  Premiere and Blender.


    • You will be able to save your projects to the network
    • Headphones are also required. Please bring them every day. Some of your lessons will only be available via video.

    Class Rules

    1.       Every student must be logged into Moodle within 5 minutes of the bell or you will be counted tardy

    2.       No Electronic Devices allowed. Devices will be taken up

    3.       All assignments must be uploaded to moodle in order to be graded


    Tutorials & Extra Credit:

    I will be available after school until 4:00 if needed. Must be arranged ahead of time.


    Make-up Work & Late Assignments:


    • Students are allowed 3 days to complete assignments missed due to an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the make-up assignment via my webpage or after school. Explanations will not be given during passing periods or during class. All work must be made up by the last day of the six week or semester end – no exception!



    Grading Structure (per 6 weeks):

    40% Mastery – 3 minimum - Major Projects/Tests

    40% Checkpoint – you will have an assignment almost every day

    20% Professionalism – This course is supposed to help you prepare for a career so you will be given a 100 every 3 weeks and points (3 to 5) will be deducted for things like

    • not being on task (when you are on a job – your employer excepts you to get your work done)
    • late (being late consistently can get you fired from a job)
    • disrupting the class
    • using an electronic device of any kind without express permission from me
    • any other actions that might be reason to be fired if working for an employer



    Principles of IT - Syllabus

     Fall Semester

    Week 1 Course Introduction Activities 

    Week 2 - 6 Computer architecture and systems

    Week 7- 12 Word and Google Docs

    Week  13 - 18  Excel and Google Sheets


    Spring Semester

    Week 1 -6  Power Point and Google Slides

    Week 7-10 Intro to Photoshop and Digital Photography

    Week 11-14 Adobe Premier and Digtial Video

    Week 15 - 18 Blender - 3d modeling and basic animation


    **Subject to change!!